Representative Hedge Fund Managers

Canyon Balanced Fund—Los Angeles, California

Canyon is a Los Angeles-based multi-strategy credit-focused hedge fund. The Canyon Balanced Fund specializes in securitized assets and distressed corporate debt with a small allocation to equities.

Dymon Asia—Singapore

Dymon Asia is a Singapore-based macro hedge fund that focuses on Asian and G10 markets trading currency, interest rates and futures.

Hildene Opportunities Fund I—Stamford, Connecticut

Hildene is a Stamford-based group focused on structured credit. Hildene Opportunities Fund was set up specifically to invest in Financial Trust Preferred CDOs, or TruPS.

Hirzel Capital—Dallas, Texas

Hirzel is a long/short fund focused on investing in small to medium cap publicly traded securities where they believe a valuation discrepancy exists between their fundamental value and their market value. Hirzel is based in Dallas and was seeded by Hunt Investment Group in November 2008.

Rosemawr Municipal Partners Fund—New York, New York

Rosemawr is a New York-based fund focused exclusively on achieving high risk-adjusted returns in the U.S. municipal bond market.

Talamod Capital—Dallas, Texas

Talamod is a credit-focused hedge fund investing in instruments they believe are inefficiently held or financed, are undergoing change or in which they believe the investment risk is misunderstood and therefore mispriced. Talamod does trade some equities but primarily invests in loans and debt instruments, and it expects that a substantial portion of its assets will be invested in such instruments. Talamod is based in Dallas and was seeded by Hunt Investment Group in November 2008.

Teng Yue—New York, New York

Teng Yue is a long/short fund focused on Chinese domestic equities listed globally across market caps. The fund attempts to exploit opportunities in mispriced IPOs and confusion over Chinese banks' asset quality, margin and capital adequacy. Additionally, the fund seeks arbitrage opportunities between A and H share prices of dual listed companies.